About Us

The Flower Farm Corporation is considered the premier florists in the Philippines.  It is recognized as one of the pioneers in the cutflower industry of the Philippines, having introduced floral varieties never before grown in the country, in elegant arrangements with a unique designer's touch.  

 For almost 20 years, The Flower Farm remains as one of the leading florists of Manila for having end-to-end services in meeting the needs of the market for the freshest blooms, design, delivery and setup services for all occasions, whether intimate parties, corporate launches, memorial services or large weddings, among many others.

 It grows its flowers primarily from its farm located in cool Tagaytay City.  It retails in two major locations-- at Rada Street in the Makati Central Business district and at the Alabang Town Center in Alabang, Muntinlupa-- and online at www.theflowerfarm.com.


 The Flower Farm started in the early 80’s as a gardening hobby of Ging de los Reyes.  She bought several flower seeds, plants and bulbs from Europe, flower varieties never been grown in the country at that time.  Sharing the flowers to her friends who were amazed with the never-been available flowers locally, the hobby turned into a full-blown commercial enterprise in 1987. 

Nestled in cool, picturesque Tagaytay, The Flower Farm is now a 7.2-hectare flower nursery that supplies the local retail, hotels, florists and the wholesale market. It has exported its anthuriums and chrysanthemums to Guam and Japan.  The Flower Farm grows over 40 varieties of chrysanthemum and 20 varieties of gerbera in a wide range of colors and hues – white, shades of pink, red, fuchsia, green, orange, purple and yellow.  The Flower Farm also grows anthuriums for its retail operations and seasonally grows celosia and sunflowers.

In 2008, Ging’s son, Timmy, together with some Dutch partners and the Lorenzo family started a small cut flower operation in Bukidnon that grows single and spray roses, asters, solidaster, hypericums and tracheliums. This farm is gearing to export to Japan however, much of its flowers are also sold locally.

Aside from flowers, The Flower Farm also grows its own fresh foliage used in floral arrangements, potted herbs and peppers as well as other ornamental pot plants.

Flower Pedigree 

At The Flower Farm, we go through great lengths to find excellent breeders and plant suppliers and we choose only the best in the field.  Holland is considered the Flower Capital of the world and there is good reason for that!  With their level of research and state of the art breeding techniques, the Dutch are always ahead of competition.  This is where the story of the flowers start. The first one are the flowers themselves.  When we get the plants, we start the process of growing them but not immediately for selling.  The plants undergo rigorous tests in our farm.  Prudent choice, field testing for at least one year and training of our farm workers are just a few of the activities we employ to come out with great, healthy flowers.

 The Philippines is a tropical country. We have higher humidity levels than Europe, we have extremely warm weather and we have monsoon rains.  All these make cutflower growing difficult most specially if you are after a great end product!  So testing is required on the field for a whole year to determine how each variety performs under tropical conditions.  For example, each variety of chrysanthemum would perform differently.  This is the same for roses, gerberas, hypericums, asters, anthuriums, lilies, carnations and many other temperate cut flowers.  The challenge we face is how we can grow them to the best quality possible under our conditions in the Philippines.

Investments are high if you want to grow cut flowers intensively. This requires good greenhouses or shade houses.  Fertigation systems to make sure the young plants are fed at the right time with the right fertilizers and chemicals, artificial lighting systems and very good soil.  As seasons change from summer to the monsoons, major adjustments have to be done to ensure that our plants are always growing at optimum levels.  When you have a healthy plant, you most certainly will come out with healthy flowers!

Caring for the Environment

The Flower Farm uses new technology and traditional farming methods to grow its flowers.  The Flower Farms adapts a combination of both methods whichever is best is best for Mother Earth.

Instead of watering our flowers with a garden hose, as one would imagine, The Flower Farm makes use of the latest sprinkler and drip irrigation technologies from Israel and the Netherlands that efficiently and effectively water each and every plant in the greenhouses.  Through these methods, water consumption is kept to a minimum.

Water is the life blood of our business.  Without water, our flowers will wilt and die.

The Flower Farm harvests rain water for irrigation and stores it in strategically located ponds within the farm. Before using them in the microsprinklers and drip irrigation systems, the water is filtered to ensure the plants get the best water available.     

Just like humans, flowers also need nutrients to grow vigorous and healthy.  The Flower Farm turns farm waste by-products to compost.  Combined with cow or chicken manure and coco peat (another by-product from coconuts) The Flower Farm uses these organic fertilizers to re-enrich the soil inside the greenhouses which greatly lessens the use of commercial fertilizers. When irrigation is given, the fertilizer mix is also delivered through an injector system developed by our farm technician. 

A typical greenhouse at The Flower Farm has an area of over 1,000 square meters.  Too big to till manually every planting cycle.  There are things still quite Filipino about The Flower Farm. Instead of using a tractor that uses fossil fuel to operate, The Flower Farm uses traditional farming technique of a plough pulled by a carabao to till the soil and mix compost inside the greenhouses. 

Service and Creativity

At The Flower Farm, we go beyond providing you with the best fresh-cut-flowers.  Our resident florists are committed in providing you the most creative, elegant and stunning floral creations that will surely make you proud as a giver or host and captivate your recipient or guests no end.  From bouquets to stand-alone wreaths, from flower delivery to sprucing up event venues such as churches reception ballrooms, The Flower Farm has the experience and expertise to make it happen.

No job is too small or big for us.  Our shop supervisors will more than willing to discuss with you how The Flower Farm can help you with any of your floral arrangement requirements suited for your occasion and your budget.